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Kim owes her nothing. Kim doesn’t owe anybody anything…

I have nothing against Nicki Minaj - “Make your paper boo.” But my loyalty is always and WILL always be with those who paved the way. Period. Did her album even drop yet?! How dare she comment on Kim having interviews or music?! Watch. Your. Mouth.

People that have staying power and versatility in the game can do more than spend their entire career trying to uphold a persona that quite frankly will get old overtime and people will move on to the next person with orange, blue, yellow, green hair, a tight flow, even more multiple personalities, younger, with an even better body. Gotta come with more than that.

Kim has been herself on screen, off-screen, album, no album. Real. Authentic. (Even after the plastic surgery…lol…) And still remains ON TOP! So again. Make your paper boo. Do you. But please. Respect the Queen.


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